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The Kinetic Kracker
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pecan sheller
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pecan sheller

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U Shell It! is the manufacturer of world renouned pea shellers and nut crackers.Kinetic Kracker... If you are tired of manually cracking pecans and have sore hands, the kinetic pecan kracker is for you. Safely cracks pecans by the bushel, leaving the nut intact.

The Kinetic Kracker cracks approximately 20 pecans per minute! Pecans are placed in the cracking cup as the cylinder rotates. The pecans are cracked and dropped beneath it. The nutcracker is ready for a new pecan every full cylinder revolution.

All you have to do is drop the nut into the cracking cup! It's so easy!

Single-Phase 110/115 Volt Induction Motor
1/50 Horsepower
6" x 7" x 26 3/8"
13 lbs


See drawing of the Kenitic Kracker.
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